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Our core focus is assisting clients in taking control over their foreign currency transactions by combining cutting edge technology, inter-bank level pricing, keen market insight and personalized service. We perform FX transactions in a superior manner by combining the strengths of a large bank and the efficiency and dedication of a boutique firm. Leverage our relationships to get access to liquidity not traditionally available in the physical foreign exchange market.

You work hard to negotiate the best possible deals while focusing on the success of your business. We will customize a program to streamline your international payments, eliminate transaction costs and provide streaming rates, far more competitive than traditional bank pricing. The process is simple to understand, easy to execute, and has complete transparency. Our turnkey treasury solution will provide you with an integrated international payment service and access to more than 100 currencies.

  • Over 100 currency pairs now available. We can physically settle in difficult emerging markets
    and NDF’s (non-deliverables) such as India, China, Russia, Brazil, Malaysia, South Africa.  View Our Currency List.
  • Currency revenues have been the largest source of bank trading profits for the past 14 years.
  • There are several pending lawsuits between banks and large pension funds for overcharging on FX transactions.
  • The FX market is a principal market.This means your bank is buying when you are selling, giving them economic incentive to give you the worst exchange rate possible to achieve maximum profit.
  • Most banks price currency once a day. CES aggregates real-time pricing from multiple banks resulting in the best deliverable FX rate for you.